Dr. Patricia Rife

Born in Lawrence, Kansas, Dr. Rife received an undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. She acquired the Animal Medical Center in 1990 and built her current hospital in the summer of 2006. She is married with two adult sons, three dogs, nine cats, and one bird.

Her mission is to provide high quality healthcare at an affordable price, believing that all persons should be able to own a pet and keep them healthy. Her passion is helping homeless animals find loving, human companions.

Theresa Aughtry, Manager

Born in the border city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Theresa moved to Texas 22 years ago, where she and her husband raised 3 children. Theresa came to Animal Medical Center 3 years ago as our Office manager and is working hard implementing new ideas and keeping us going smoothly.

Theresa is a big believer in the Fear Free movement, having two dogs of her own, both very eccentric, she understands the need to show love and affection giving pets the confidence they need to be unafraid and calm. Theresa is always so excited when she finds a new idea or product to bring in that backs the Fear Free concept we have here at AMC.