Meet Thing one and Thing two.

Two brothers who get into all kinds of shenanigans together. They come as a pair or one at a time. They come with all shots and we will neuter them.

Azule and Rosa:

All the colors of the rainbow and no home to go to. Azule and Rosa have been waiting for a special amigo to come take them to a loving home. Both are about 7 months old, Azule a boy, Rosa a girl, they have all their shots and are both fixed. Come take a look, your sure to fall in love with their loving playful faces.


Sweetboy is the most loving and adorable baby. He is 15lbs of loving, cuddly sweetness. There is not much else to say if your looking for a sweet baby to cuddle by the warmth of the fire. You wont need a fire to keep warm, he is sure to warm anyone’s heart. Sweetboy has had all his shots and has been neutered.